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property market.Nanjing announced that starting from Thursday, people without a local "hukou" (permanent residence permits) and anyone who owns at least o▓ne house in the three districts of Liuhe, Lishui and Gaochun▓ will not qualify to buy a house. In the main urban districts, local people who have at least two houses will be banned from buying another home.The prices of new housing increased by 37.3 perc▓ent year on year in January in Nanjing, according ▓to figures released by the National Bur▓eau of Statistics of China.Purchase restrictions have also been introduced in Qingdao. ▓The city announced that starting Thursday,

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want to buy a house in the ▓urban area. Non-locals who already have at least one home or can not provide such records will not qualify to buy homes in the urban area.The prices of new housing in the city rose 13.2 percent year▓ on year, or 0.1 percent month on month.From▓ March, dozens of second-tier cities and cities neighboring▓ Beijing and Shanghai have restricted hous▓ing purchases to cool property markets.In the first two months of 2017, the investment in China's real estate market rose 8.9 percent year on year t▓o more than 985 billion yuan (143 billion U.S. dollar▓s), and housing sales jumped 26

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BJTFood produced from Japanese regions affected by nuclear ▓radiation - including rice, cereal and milk products - have entered the Chinese m▓arket, according to a CCTV report on its annual 3.15 quality investigations program▓ WednesdayAccordin

g to CCTV, some Japanese food sold i▓n Muji stores, an international Japanese product chain, is packed with Chinese labels vaguely marked with Japan as its origin but underneath showing the Tokyo Prefecture as th▓e food source.A Japanese rice p

roduct was also found in a Chinese supermarket ▓labelled as from Japan's Hokkaido in C▓hinese but actually originating from Niigata Prefecture, w▓hich is located right within the nuclear radiation area.Food from both places, along with eight oth

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t since 2011.An e-commerce retail▓er based in Shenzhen is reportedly the main provider of the Japanese food from radioactive contam▓ination regions.Nearly 20 thousand packages of ce▓real produced from nuclear radiation areas were found in o▓ne of the com

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website. The products in q▓uestion is also said to be smuggled into China.Eighteen supermarket chains in Beijing including Walmart, Carrefour have reportedly checked▓ their shelves and did not find illegally imported▓ Japanese food on sale. Seven-Eleven in Beijing announced that all the Japanese imported food had been removed.Muji, however, say they are still operating normally claiming that all their food is legally imported and is harmless.Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Hu▓a Chunying, urged the Japanese government to give transparent and clear information about rad▓iation leakage at the Fukus

tr▓ict housing purchases to cool marketMore Chinese cities further restrict housing purchases to c▓ool market03-17